Friday, November 24, 2017

Cat Gifts

It's that time of year! Life's Abundance Cat Gift goes quickly so get while it's here. Limited quantities - 

life's abundance cat gift

$50.00 Retail Value! ONLY $21.95!

Put a little festivity into kitty’s holiday season with irresistible, wholesome delights. An assortment of cheerful toys will result in a roaring good time to last throughout the season. 

This Gift Contains:

  • New Freeze-dried Turkey Heart Treats (full-size 1.5 oz bag)
  • Gourmet Cat Treats (full-size 4-oz bag)
  • Wellness Supplement for Cats (full-size 4.6 oz bottle)
  • Instinctive Choice (one 3-oz can)
  • Fun assortment of toys
  • Adorable, reusable gift box

Another great gift idea for cats is a gift certificate!

gift certificate

Friday, November 17, 2017

Turkey Hearts Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Turkey Hearts Freeze-Dried Cat Treats are new! 

turkey cat treats

There’s no better way to satisfy the hunter in your cat than this back-to-fundamentals treat. The freeze-drying process preserves the robust, wholesome flavors that cats hunger for, sealing in all the vitamins and minerals found naturally in our pasture-raised turkeys. With zero carbs, fillers or artificial anything, Turkey Hearts tempt the taste buds of even the finickiest eaters. As a caring pet parent, you’ll feel happier knowing that you’re providing yummy goodness that actually supports healthy diets.

Satisfy your little carnivore’s instinctive craving for real meat with cat treats that are all heart!

Ingredients: Turkey hearts.

  • Irresistible grain-free treat
  • Freeze-dry prep locks in big flavor, ample nutrients
  • No carbs, fillers, salts, sugar or preservatives
  • US free-range turkey in convenient resealable bag

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